7. You ARE Still in Charge

If you're a speaker, you will face challenges. Challenges in marketing your speaking services. AV challenges in the middle of your presentation. Even unexpected challenges in the world like coronavirus. And we all know, the more difficult the challenge, the more stress, anxiety, and fear it can create.

How can you build the courage and resiliency you need as a speaker to effectively face your most difficult challenges?

In this special episode, I share from my heart how to best deal with the challenges you are facing in your speaking business.

An Inside Look at This Episode:

SPECIAL WEBPAGE AND VIDEO mentioned in this episode to help you build resiliency and courage.

1) I share how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting my personal speaking business as well as the speaking industry as a whole

  • Speaking engagements being postponed
  • Speaking engagements being canceled
  • The impact goes far beyond our speaking businesses

2) How to build your resiliency and courage as a speaker

  • Deemphasize what you cannot control (see #3 below)
  • Focus on what you can control (see #4 below)

3) Deemphasize what you CANNOT control — the UN's

4) Focus on what you CAN control — E+R=O

  • E=O mindset leads to being a victim and guarantees failure
  • E+R=O mindset leads to being response-ABLE

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