1. Welcome to the Paid to Speak Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Paid to Speak Podcast!

Many people DREAM about getting paid to speak, but few see their dreams become reality because they simply don't know what to DO.

The Paid to Speak Podcast will help you grow in both the art and business of speaking. You'll discover how to become a better speaker, how to find paid speaking engagements, how to connect with the decision-makers who book speakers, and best of all... how to get paid to speak. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve been at it for a while, you’ll find value in every episode.

An Inside Look at This Episode:

1) A look at Kent's current speaking business

2) Description of the show and what you can expect

3) 3 key topics regularly covered on the show:

  • Art of Speaking
  • Building Your Brand
  • Business of Speaking

4) Format of the show:

  • Speaker training and speaker business training from Kent
  • Answering your questions (submit a question here)
  • Interviews with speakers and experts
  • Speaker success stories

Episode Resources:

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Until next time, continue to move from #DREAMtoDO as a speaker!

Podcast Equipment

The Paid to Speak podcast is recorded on the RODECaster Pro.