81. Yes AND or Yes BUT

Branding - Yes And or Yes But

Book Recommendation: The Thought Leader Practice Show Notes: Your speaker brand and your message ideas come from CONTRIBUTION and CONTRADICTION: Contribution: Yes AND Contradiction: Yes BUT (From The Thought Leader Practice — page 68) Episode Resources: 9 Ways to Get Paid as a Speaker (FREE Resource) 5 Keys to Create a Speech That Pays (FREE…

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80. How Valuable Is Your Idea

Branding - How Valuable is Your Idea

Book Recommendation: The Thought Leader Practice Show Notes: As a thought leader you will want to craft messages that work towards four outcomes: Relevant: It meets a need and solves a problem. Thorough: It has depth of meaning that stands on its own. Elegant: It is captured in a way that is simple and clean.…

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10. How to Build a Speaking Business RIGHT NOW

how to build a speaking business right now

The #1 question I am being asked during the COVID-19 crisis is: what are you doing RIGHT NOW to build your speaking business? The truth is, even in times like this when we are facing the coronavirus pandemic, there are steps you can take to build your speaking business. In fact, as the world slows…

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