40. Hard Truth About Speaking #2 – Speaking Is a Lonely Business (And Not Just When You’re on the Road)

Hard Truths About Speaking #2

Want Early Access to the Paid To Speak Accelerator Community? Kent is launching a Paid to Speak Accelerator community soon. This community will include: Ongoing, live, weekly training sessions. Live “Take Action” sessions — you get a chance to implement… in real-time during sessions… what you are learning by taking action on things like sending…

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37. Is Speaking Picking Back Up?

Is Speaking Picking Back Up? In Person Events

Is Speaking Picking Back Up? I recently received a text from a friend that simply asked: “Is speaking starting to pick back up?” The actual question was: “Are in-person events starting to come back?” In this episode, I share a few thoughts about the future of in-person events as well as three ideas for marketing…

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