22. Speaking is a Relationship Business: 3 Important Insights

Speaking is a Relationship Business

Mike asked this question for the Paid to Speak Podcast: You continue to refer to speaking is a relationship business. What do you mean by that?

I share 3 important insights as to why speaking is a relationship business.

An Inside Look at This Episode:

IMPORTANT: To understand how speaking in a relationship business, it's important to step out of your shoes and step into the shoes of a decision-maker.

1) The decision-maker is making a big, service-oriented purchase. This means the decision-maker wants to know, like and trust the person he or she is hiring

2) The reputation of the decision-maker is on the line.

  • If the speaker does a great job, the decision-maker looks like a hero
  • If the speaker does a bad job, the decision-maker looks like a zero
  • Never forget that decision-makers share their opinions of speakers with all the decision-makers they know
  • Kent shares a personal horror story about working with a speaker from when he was an Executive Director of a national association

3) The decision-maker wants to work with speakers who are enjoyable and easy to work with.

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