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Paid to Speak Podcast with Kent Julian - how to book paid speaking engagements

Podcast Show Notes

How to Map Out Your Speaking Business

18. How to Map Out Your Speaking Business

How to Map Out Your Speaking Business Mapping out your speaking business requires a mindset shift. The reason it requires a shift is because of the images that pop into our minds when we hear the word map. We either think of a roadmap, or we envision pulling out our phones and asking Siri to…

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5 Quick Tips for Virtual Training

17. 5 Quick Tips for Virtual Training

5 Quick Tips for Virtual Training Virtual training was growing in popularity before the Coronavirus, but now it is definitely here to stay. In-person keynotes and training will be back, but the validity of virtual workshops and webinars has been cemented during the past few months. While there are similarities between speaking to an audience…

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Stop Being Productive

16. STOP Being Productive

STOP Being Productive I’m a results-oriented, driven person. What’s more, a lot of the speakers I’ve met are the same way. Maybe you are too. Productivity is a good thing. But, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. The reason? A strength taken to an extreme becomes a weakness. While productivity…

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Now is the Best Time to Start a Business for Speakers

15. NOW is the BEST TIME to Start a Business as a Speaker

Now is the BEST TIME to Start a Business as a Speaker During the past several days, I’ve had three different conversations with people asking: “Why would anyone want to start a speaking business right now?” The idea behind this question is: If travel is shut down and no one is hiring speakers because of…

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How to Pick a Speaking Topic

14. How to Pick a Speaking Topic

How to Pick a Speaking Topic What makes a speaking topic profitable? In this episode, I share 3 questions that can serve as a filter for picking the right speaking topic for you to get booked and paid to speak. An Inside Look at This Episode: Feature Resource: 5 Keys to Crafting and Delivering an…

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Your Choice

13. Your Choice – Which Thoughts Are You Choosing

Your Choice Every thought you have is NOT your choice, but what you do with every thought IS your choice. Or, as Martin Luther said, “You cannot keep birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.” The plethora of opinions and commentary being shared 24/7 right now…

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Don't Quit Now

12. Now is NOT the TIme to Quit

Don’t Quit Now Near the beginning of every Paid to Speak Conference, I explain how stick-to-it-tiveness is your greatest competitive advantage as a speaker. The reason is simple: most speakers quit too soon. The truth is getting booked and paid as a speaker isn’t overly difficult. Sure, it takes time and effort. But when you…

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3 Speaking Books You've Probably Never Heard Of

11. 3 Great Speaking Books You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you type “speaking books” in a Google or Amazon search, you’ll find a lot of great titles. But in Episode 11, I share 3 great speaking books you’ve probably never heard of… even if you’re a veteran speaker. The reason? These are NOT actually speaking books. Yet each one of them have been key…

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how to build a speaking business right now

10. How to Build a Speaking Business RIGHT NOW

The #1 question I am being asked during the COVID-19 crisis is: what are you doing RIGHT NOW to build your speaking business? The truth is, even in times like this when we are facing the coronavirus pandemic, there are steps you can take to build your speaking business. In fact, as the world slows…

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Speaker Agreement - The Importance of Your Cancelation Clause

9. Speaker Agreement – The Importance of Your Cancelation Clause

Speaking engagements get canceled. When it happens, the difference between getting paid to speak or not often comes down to what is written in your speaker agreement. In Episode 9, I continue to share how the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is impacting my speaking business and the speaking industry. Whether you’re a brand new…

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