3 Reasons This is the BEST Year to Attend the Paid to Speak Conference


The Killer Keynote Conference (September 22-23) and the Paid to Speak Conference (September 24-26) ARE HAPPENING. Locations have been reserved, and we're all set to go!

With that said, if something changes and we are unable to meet in a live venue, we will host each conference virtually. Additionally, you will receive a FREE PASS to a future conference.


This is an OUTSTANDING time to start your speaker business.

For one, speaking is a relationship business, and it takes time to build relationships with decision-makers. Right now you have a chance to set yourself apart from other speakers simply by showing up and showing value. That's because, as I've heard from the decision-makers I know, many speakers are pushing way too hard asking, "When will you be hiring speakers again?"

Two, the speaker world is becoming less crowded. Many speakers built their entire business on live engagements and forgot to prepare for tough times. Some of these speakers are no longer in business with others soon to follow. As live events start coming back, there will be fewer speakers competing for business.


I pride myself on being available during both conferences to answer your questions and to give as much personal attention as possible. But often, the number of attendees makes this challenging.

So why do I think this could be your best opportunity to attend?

Simply because registration numbers are down. This year, we opened the registration doors for both conferences on March 4. A week later we had to shut down registration. I'm not sure how many people will attend this year, but it's almost guaranteed to be significantly smaller.

That means more personal attention for you and more opportunity to gain clarity on your speaker brand and business than ever before!


I ran a little contest when we first opened registration for the Paid to Speak Conference. The prize is an exclusive dinner with me at Marlow's... my favorite restaurant... on Thursday evening of the Paid to Speak Conference (and I even pick up the check).

Well, there are 2 spots still left in this contest, and I'd be honored to have you join me as one of my guests.

Again, it's at Marlow's (my favorite restaurant) on Thursday evening, September 24, during the Paid to Speak Conference.

When you register, all you have to do to claim your seat is to be one of the first two people to forward your registration confirmation to me: kent@liveitforward.com.

REGISTER NOW and forward your registration confirmation to me ASAP because there are only a couple of seats left at the table.