12. Now is NOT the TIme to Quit

Don't Quit Now

Near the beginning of every Paid to Speak Conference, I explain how stick-to-it-tiveness is your greatest competitive advantage as a speaker. The reason is simple: most speakers quit too soon.

The truth is getting booked and paid as a speaker isn't overly difficult. Sure, it takes time and effort. But when you learn what to do and then consistently work that system, over time that system will work for you.

The key words in the previous paragraph are consistently and over time. Most people quit too soon. Stick-to-it-tiveness, on the other hand, is all about consistency over the long haul

In this episode, I simply want to encourage you with one thought: DON'T QUIT NOW!

An Inside Look at This Episode:

1) Don't Quit Now

2) Stick-to-it-tiveness is your greatest competivie advantage as a speaker

3) Check out David Greer's excellent post about the importance of preparing for the business rebound

  • Think like a farmer. Focus like a farmer. Work like a farmer.

4) Paid to Speak Accelerator Community

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