2. Kent Julian’s Speaking Story

You are likely listening to the Paid to Speak Podcast because you want to learn how to become a speaker. Not only that, but you also want to learn how to get paid speaking engagements. Kent Julian, the host of this podcast, likes to call this journey moving from DREAM to DO as a speaker.

In this episode, Kent shares his own DREAM-to-DO speaker story. How a keynote speaker made a significant impact in his life while he was in high school. How speaking was part of his first full-time job and how that led to Kent getting paid to speak a few times.

He also shares two important insights from becoming the Executive Director of a national association that taught him not only how to book paid speaking engagements, but how to become a speaker who was great off-stage as well as onstage.

Finally, Kent shares his transition from being a full-time employee to eventually becoming a professional speaker with CSP credentials (Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association).

An Inside Look at This Episode:

1) Overview of Kent's current speaking business

2) Kent's story — early life

  • At-risk child
  • Positive impact of hearing a speaker in high school
  • Positive impact of educators
  • College Success

3) Kent's first career track

  • Working with youth via non-profit organizations and coaching
  • Eventually, Kent became the Executive Director of a national youth association
  • Opportunities to speak "on the side" continued to grow

4) Two insights from his first career track

  • Speaking opportunity grew only because Kent had a PLATFORM — he had no clue how to market his speaking business
  • Part of his job as an Executive Director was to hire speakers — this gave Kent a front-row seat to what worked and what DID NOT work when it comes to booking paid speaking engagements

5) Kent's speaking track

  • 2005 — launched a career coaching business as a side hustle
  • 2008 — transitioned to being employed very PT and primarily working on his career coaching business
  • 2009 — full-time business owner and speaking was added to the mix of the services Kent provided
  • Insight: Kent spent the four years from 2005 to 2009 learning how to market his speaking services

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