18. How to Map Out Your Speaking Business

How to Map Out Your Speaking Business

Mapping out your speaking business requires a mindset shift. The reason it requires a shift is because of the images that pop into our minds when we hear the word map. We either think of a roadmap, or we envision pulling out our phones and asking Siri to give us directions. But neither of these scenarios work when you are starting a business.

When starting a business, it's important to envision a different type of map. You need to envision a Treasure Map.

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Mapping out your speaking business is more of an art than a science. This is why envisioning a Treasure Map works better than any type of modern-day map.

Here are the two tools that will help you effectively map out your speaker business:

Tool #1: Compass

This tool includes:

  • Purpose/mission statement
  • Values
  • Personality traits
  • Talents and skills
  • Speaking topic, expertise, and solutions my services provide (this is the most important feature of your Compass to your speaker business)

Tool #2: Map

This tool includes:

  • X Marks the Spot — sharing your services and the solutions you provide (this is where you are trying to go)
  • Landmarks — industries you think will be a good fit for your services and the solutions you provide
  • Steps to get to a landmark — reaching out and connecting with decision-makers, organizations, and other speakers in the industry

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