97. More Than A Mentor

Excerpt from My Letter to Dan Miller:

Honestly, Dan, my journey to launching a business would not have been possible without you! Kathy even says that the influence Joanne and you had on our family is unbelievable. I was in a tough spot knowing that I didn’t want to keep doing the work I was doing, yet I was also clueless about how to move into something I didn’t understand or even know what it would look like. Those were exciting, tough, scary days for me professionally. Even more, they were also exciting, tough, scary days for our marriage as we tried to figure things out together all while having three young kiddos at home.

All that to say, for the past 15 years I once again had a hero and mentor in my life. And please know, when I say “hero,” I don’t mean a hero as in a Caped Crusader who can do no wrong. The truth is that all three of my heroes have been very ordinary men who did extraordinary things because they possessed qualities like stick-to-it-tiveness, grit, determination, joy, and love for life. Just average, everyday guys who I look up to because if an ordinary guy like you can do extraordinary things, then perhaps an ordinary guy like me can do the same. 

So from the depth of my heart and soul, please know I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for your mentorship and friendship. Your influence in my life and work is beyond measurable. No one has impacted me more than you.

Thank You for Listening!

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