3. 7 Ways You Get Paid to Speak Beyond a Paycheck

You want to get paid to speak. Why else would you be listening to a podcast named Paid to Speak?

But did you know there are a lot of ways to get paid as a speaker that go beyond receiving a paycheck? What's more, many of the non-cash payments you receive from speaking are as valuable, if not more valuable, than a paycheck.

In this episode, Kent shares 7 ways you get paid to speak beyond a paycheck and why he's so passionate about each one.

An Inside Look at This Episode:

7 Ways You Get Paid to Speak Beyond a Paycheck

1) Purpose — the opportunity to live out your purpose in a meaningful way

2) Impact people — Kent shares how a speaker positively impacted his life

3) Passion — strong enthusiasm or desire; compelled to action

4) Credibility — as a presenter and thought-leader

5) Professional development — you must be continually learning and growing if you want to stay credible as a speaker

6) Personal development — stories from two Executive Directors

7) Networking — you will meet so many great people through speaking

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