65. Cheerleaders, Chumps, or Champs


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Taken from Marianne Renner's email newsletter:

Cheerleaders, Chumps, and Champs

 If you’re surrounded by people who only see your brilliance, you end up with cheerleaders. Cheerleaders sing your praises, but they don’t help you move forward.

If you’re surrounded by those who only see your blind spots, you end up feeling more like a chump.

But when someone sees both your brilliance and blind spots, now you’ve got everything you need to become a champion.

Any good sports coach knows how to help the team lean into its brilliance. The coach also points out blind spots for the team to overcome.

The same is true in speaker and business coaching. If you want to become a champion in your field, you need someone who will see both your brilliance AND your blind spots.

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