17. 5 Quick Tips for Virtual Training

5 Quick Tips for Virtual Training

Virtual training was growing in popularity before the Coronavirus, but now it is definitely here to stay. In-person keynotes and training will be back, but the validity of virtual workshops and webinars has been cemented during the past few months.

While there are similarities between speaking to an audience at a live venue and speaking via a virtual training platform like Zoom or Go To Meeting, there are also unique differences. In this episode, I share 5 quick tips that have helped me improve my virtual training presentations. My hope is they will help you as well.

An Inside Look at This Episode:

Tip #1: Look at the camera

  • This is easier said than done

Tip #2: Be expressive

  • Facial expressions
  • Vocal expressions

Tip #3: Use your slides effectively

  • This is the most important tip I share
  • Image selection is vital because it keeps participants visually engaged
  • Image selection also help participants think about your teaching points on a deeper level

Tip #4: Move through your presentation at a quicker pace than your live presentations

  • This keeps participants engaged
  • Use Q&A to strategically fill in any gaps

Tip #5: Have some fun

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