43. Hard Truth About Speaking #5 – The Feedback Loop for Speakers is Loopy

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Series: Hard Truths About Speaking That No One Tells You

In this 5-part series, I share hard truths about speaking that no one tells you.

Hard Truth #5: The Feedback Loop for Speakers is Loopy

An Inside Look at This Episode:

1. It's not always easy to get Decision Makers to give you feedback.

  • I share two insider secrets that have helped significantly in getting Decision Makers to complete evaluations.

2. Many people do not want to share hard truths with you.

3. Our first response to hearing hard truths is to protect ourselves from pain.

  • We FIGHT the pain by becoming defensive.
  • We take FLIGHT from the pain through self-pity.

4. BONUS IDEA: Find other speakers who get paid to speak to evaluate your speaking.

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