20. 3 Speaker Business Truths That Will Help You Get Booked

3 Speaker Business Truths That Will Help You Get Booked

In previous episodes, I've shared honestly about how much speaking business I've lost because of the Coronavirus. In Episode 20, I share just as honestly about how much new business I've picked up because of three speaker business truths I practice in my business.

You can practice these truths in your speaker business as well. What's more, these three truths are core to the step-by-step marketing strategy we teach at the Paid to Speak Conference.

An Inside Look at This Episode:

1) Speaking is a RELATIONSHIP business

  • Marketing your speaker business is similar to dating with an eye towards marriage
  • It's about learning, caring, giving, and serving
  • It's about providing solutions even before you get hired
  • Marketing your speaker business takes time
  • Stick-to-it-tiveness is your greatest competitive advantage

2) Speaking requires NICHING (especially at first)

  • You can niche by topic
  • You can niche by industry
  • You can niche by both
  • When you niche by industry, you can get to know decision-makers and get to know when key decisions are made

3) Combining TIMING and YOUR SOLUTIONS is huge to getting booked and paid as a speaker

  • Because relationships with decision-makers are built as you provide solutions...
  • And because niching allows you to get to know when key decisions are being made...
  • You can offer POSITIVE SOLUTIONS at the RIGHT TIME for a profit

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