25. 3 Keys to Booking Virtual Training for a Higher Fee

3 Keys to Booking Virtual Training for a Higher Fee

The worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic continues to negatively impact many industries and businesses, including the speaking industry. For instance, as of the recording of this podcast episode, I have had 20 speaking engagements change their venues. They have either gone virtual or been postponed. It's an epic understatement to say that the business climate for speakers is challenging.

With this as background, the previous month (July 2020) has been the strongest revenue-producing July I've ever experienced in my 12-year speaking business. What's more, all the business I've booked has been virtual training.

In Episode 20, I shared 3 Speaker Business Truths That Will Help You Get Booked. This episode builds Episode 20 by focusing on how to book virtual training with businesses, organizations, and associations for a higher fee.

An Inside Look at This Episode:

1) Provide Solutions

  • Do NOT market the "features" of your virutal training (e.g. Zoom training, time frame, etc.)
  • DO market the "solutions" you provide (e.g. focus on solving the problems and challenges organizations face)

2) Package Your Program Offerings

  • Do NOT simply offer standalone training
  • DO offer virtual training packages
  • DO offer to customize packages

3) Work with Multiple Organizations or Associations

  • Do NOT limit yourself to working with just one organization or association at a time
  • DO attempt to work with similar organizations or associations simultaneously
  • DO request decision-makers to recruit other organizations or associations for you
  • DO create win-win scenarios when hosting virtual training for multiple organizations or associations

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