108. 7 Tips to Become a Better Speaker – Record Everyting

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Show Notes: 7 Tips to Become a Better Speaker

#7 - Record Everything

Any time you get the opportunity to speak, especially early in your career as a speaker, record it.

Preferably a video recording. But at minimum, get an audio recording.


Because nothing will help you improve as a speaker than seeing and hearing yourself speak. PERIOD.

Here are two quick thoughts...

First, be prepared because watching yourself present can be brutal, especially early on. So give yourself some grace and realize your speaking is a work in progress. And most importantly, don't give up. Everything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first.

Second, don't make recording complicated or distracting. Just set up your smartphone on a table or tripod and hit record. Or have someone else take care of the recording for you. Bottom line, if you make things too complicated, you won't do it. And if it's too distracting, you won't be focused on your presentation.

I hope these 7 simple tips for becoming a better speaker have been helpful. For review, here they are one last time:

  • #1 - Know Your Topic
  • #2 - Capture New Ideas
  • #3 - Get Your Reps In
  • #4 - Focus on Serving
  • #5 - Create an Experience for Your Audience
  • #6 - Look People in the Eye When Speaking
  • #7 - Record Everything

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