107. 7 Tips to Become a Better Speaker – Look People in the Eye

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Show Notes: 7 Tips to Become a Better Speaker

#6 - Look People in the Eye

Why Is This Important?

It helps you make personal connections with audience members. In fact, it's probably the simplest thing you can do to enhance the impact of your presentation and persuade audience members to your point of view.

Why Is This Challenging?

Looking into another person's eyes, especially when you're on stage talking to a group of people, just feels awkward. And if you're nervous, it feels even more awkward.

How to Improve Your Eye Contact?

  • Remember that you are speaking to individuals and not just a group.
  • Find audience members who are engaged and are already looking at you.
  • Sustain eye contact with each individual long enough to make a connection, then move on. Three to five seconds is usually a good guideline.
  • Avoid looking at people who you can tell feel awkward with eye contact. That will feel more like a stare-down than eye contact.
  • Be prepared. It's practically impossible to make eye contact when you're in your head trying to remember your presentation.

Finally, here are the tips we've covered so far:

  • #1 - Know Your Topic
  • #2 - Capture New Ideas
  • #3 - Get Your Reps In
  • #4 - Focus on Serving
  • #5 - Create an Experience for Your Audience

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