104. 7 Tips to Become a Better Speaker – Get Your Reps In

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Show Notes: 7 Tips to Become a Better Speaker

#3 - Get Your Reps In (AKA Practice)

Practice starts with developing great content. Work hard on putting together a great presentation.

Then, once you feel like your content is solid, practice the mechanics of how to deliver a great presentation.

You can practice in front of the mirror or make a video recording of yourself...whatever works best for you.

But here's something you won't hear from most speaking coaches or trainers...

If you want to become a better speaker, do NOT practice to become more polished. Audiences can spot a fake a mile away.

Instead, practice to become a better communicator who authentically cares about what you are presenting.

You've been working hard to grow, learn, and develop as a Thought Leader in your area of expertise. So when you get the opportunity to speak to an audience, you don't want to come across as a fake, overly-polished presenter. Instead, you want to be a real person who is seen as passionate about the thoughts and ideas you are sharing.

Or, to put it another way, you want to speak from the head and the heart.

Believe it or not, this takes practice. Lots of practice.

So while you never want to wing your presentation, you also don't want to be over-polished either. It takes practice to truly be yourself as a speaker.

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